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• Maria Gabriela Lobaton is an Instagram sensation and Internet personality
• She was born in Venezuela and her family moved to the US
• She has accumulated thousands of subscribers to her social media account
• Maria has an estimated net worth of $1 million
• She has dark-brown hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin, and has undergone several plastic surgeries

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Fact After being homeless for some time and being diagnosed with schizophrenia, she actually lives on a mental institution on Ciempozuelos, Madrid (Spain).

Maria Gabriela Lobaton is an Instagram sensation and an Internet personality who has accumulated thousands of subscribers to her social media account. People follow her so as not to miss a new set of hot photos which Maria posts regularly. Though Maria’s photos are more than explicit, very little is known about her personal life. Let’s try to find out more about her age, measurements, current relationship status, etc.

Early life, family

Maria Gabriela Lobaton was born on 19 April 1993, in Venezuela; nowadays people in the country often suffer from poverty and starvation, so emigrating from the country to Ecuador, Columbia or Brazil. However, when Maria was a child, her parents enjoyed a luxurious life in their prospering country. The crisis of 2013 wasn’t even expected in those times, and Maria’s family was quite rich. She once posted the photo of her mother Elizabeth on Mother’s’ Day, and one can see an impressive gold necklace around her neck, wearing trendy make-up and looked very fresh and content. However, Maria’s family could afford to leave for the US to settle for a better life, when they saw that the crisis in Venezuela was coming. Maria’s mother now works as a fitness trainer – she is in a very good form, and Maria’s subscribers can’t even believe it’s her mother since they look like sisters. Nothing is known about Maria’s father, nor about any siblings – it seems that she is the only child in her family.


Maria attended a local secondary school in Venezuela, and then when her family moved to the US, she entered a local high school in Florida. There is no information about any colleges or universities she entered or graduated from, so the presumption is that she hasn’t a tertiary education.

Maria Gabriela Lobaton


As for the moment, Maria lives in Miami, Florida, and has been working as an Instagram model during recent years. There is no information about the model agencies Maris has contracts with. As for her current career status, she stopped actively posting new photos and has kept silent for more than three months. However, she could get back to her modelling career soon, since she didn’t announced that she’s quitting the business – her fans are still waiting for new posts, supporting her in comments to her previous pictures.

Personal life, boyfriends, an affair with 50Cent

Maria doesn’t reveal any information about her current relationship status, though in 2018 there were rumors that she was dating 50Cent, a famous rapper. He posted a photo of Maria on his Instagram account, noting that she was at his home, lying on the bed, but he didn’t know who she was. Then he deleted the post in half a minute, but it was already caught and screenshotted by his fans and yellow press. 50Cent followed the re-posts of his photo, asking everybody to delete it, but few ever listened. On the same day Maria shared several videos in her Instagram stories, showing how she was having a luxury seafood dinner on a private jet in the company of a mysterious stranger whose face she didn’t reveal. Then she posted a mirror-selfie, and the fans recognized that she was in 50Cent’s bathroom.

Hobbies, interesting facts, famous friends

Despite the rumors, the rapper 50Cent is a real friend of Maria and a dedicated subscriber – he always congratulates her on her birthday, under her birthday posts on her Instagram account. Among Maria’s subscribers one can also find a lot of celebrities, among them Matthew Schultz, the President of Monticello Capital Group; Farruko, a famous singer and performer, and many others.

Maria is a dog-lover, and has a miniature Pinscher Doberman named Pucci Valentina Lobaton. Her dog even has a personal Instagram profile, though it has only 50 subscribers and is closed to random viewers.

Maria is fond of travelling, and she once shared in the comments under her photos that she enjoys the moments when she needs to travel for her photoshoots. She said she can combine work and rest at the same time, and it makes her feel happy. Recently she had photoshoots at The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, Star Island at Miami Beach and French Polynesia Islands, and enjoyed those working trips very much. Maria also loves swimming and often goes snorkeling.

Social media presence

Maria’s main social media activity lies in Instagram; her profile there has almost 800,000 subscribers, nevertheless, she hasn’t posted any fresh photos recently. Instagram statistics claim her audience is mainly men from 24 to 35 years old. 42% of Maria’s Instagram audience are Spanish speaking, and 23% are from the US. On average, her posts get around 9,500 likes and about 135 comments, which shows a low engagement level of the audience. She has a YouTube profile but she hasn’t been very active on it recently. The account only has videos which last for several seconds, and they are mostly the ones Maria shared on her Instagram stories, so she doesn’t produce any special exclusive content for her YouTube channel, and that’s probably why she has only 300 subscribers on this account. She also has a Twitter account which is read by more than 80,000 people, but she hasn’t posted anything there since November 2018, and a Facebook page with more than 3,000 followers.


Maria has very long dark-brown hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin. She has an hourglass figure and is said to have undergone several plastic surgeries on her breast and hips, and to have had rhinoplasty. She used to have a piercing on her navel, but as for the moment, she doesn’t wear the piercing ring. She also has a tattoo depicting a cross right in the middle top of her belly. Maria has another tattoo at the top of her left hip, which depicts a bird’s feather. Nothing is known about her precise height, weight or vital statistics, though one can see she spends a lot of time in the gym to keep her figure.

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Net worth

Maria’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, by several authoritative sources, earned from her modelling career, and she also has a contract with the swimsuit company OMG Swimwear, since she posted many sponsored posts in her Instagram wearing their swimsuits. Nothing is known about the current status of Maria’s career since she hasn’t posted anything new during a couple of months already, but her fans still hope she’s coming back, and then her net worth will definitely grow.


# Fact
1 After being homeless for some time and being diagnosed with schizophrenia, she actually lives on a mental institution on Ciempozuelos, Madrid (Spain).
2 She retired from cinema in 1997. Her last movie, ‘Brácula. Condemor II’, was a tribute dedicated to her by the director.
3 In late 70s and early 80s she was a queen of the soft core movies in Italy and Spain. Many years later she rectified and apostatized of these movies and tried be a normal actress in the commercial cinema.



Title Year Status Character
Brácula. Condemor II 1997 Baronesa
Los ladrones van a la oficina 1995 TV Series
El tío del saco y el inspector Lobatón 1993 Alicia
Tristeza de amor 1986 TV Series Catalina Yamanova
La de Troya en el Palmar 1984 Ana
El violador violado 1983 Alicia
La loca historia de los tres mosqueteros 1983 Milady de Winter
Black Commando 1982 Emily
Conan the Barbarian 1982 Conan’s Mother
Las siete cucas 1981 Julita
Buitres sobre la ciudad 1981 Denise Marciano
La noche viene movida 1980
Mie jue qi qi 1980 Maria
7 ragazze di classe 1979 Merche
Guyana: Cult of the Damned 1979 Leslie Stevens
Suave, cariño, muy suave 1978 Eva
Mi mujer no es mi señora 1978 María
Plus ça va, moins ça va 1977 Zuka
Chely 1977 Pepi
Eva a las diez 1977 TV Series
Dos hombres y, en medio, dos mujeres 1977 María
La muerte ronda a Mónica 1976 Mónica
Rape 1976 María
The People Who Own the Dark 1976 Clara
Beatriz 1976 Basilisa
La amante perfecta 1976 Lina Rey
El señor está servido 1976 Laly
Spanish Fly 1976 Julie
Zorrita Martínez 1975 Zorrita
Un lujo a su alcance 1975 Pili
Una abuelita de antes de la guerra 1975 Nina
Perversión 1974 Marisa
Tarzán en las minas del rey Salomón 1974 Doris
Polvo eres… 1974 Rocio Corrales ‘La Nodo’
Chicas de alquiler 1974 Marta
Señora doctor 1974 Lucía
El chulo 1974 Isabel
Vida conyugal sana 1974 Nati
Manolo, la nuit 1973 Ingrid
Lo verde empieza en los Pirineos 1973 Paula – la camarera (as Nadiuschka)
La redada 1973 Romy (uncredited)
Soltero y padre en la vida 1972 Gunilla
Timanfaya 1972 La italiana


Title Year Status Character
Tiempo al tiempo 2001 TV Series Herself
Crónicas marcianas 1998 TV Series Herself
Qué memoria la mía 1996 TV Series Herself
Àngel Casas Show 1984 TV Series Herself
Fantástico 1979 TV Series Herself – Guest
Estimado Sr. juez… 1978 Herself (uncredited)
Revista de cine 1976 TV Series Herself

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