Marge wants to tear down entire US justice agencies

Continuing the right’s assault on intelligence and law enforcement because Trump was so corrupt, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called them all “rotten to the core.”

QAnon Klan mum told seditious Steve Bannon she wants to tear down the whole justice system.

“I would cut a lot more than I can on behalf of some agencies with three letters that I would cut right away and I think they deserve it,” Marge said.

“You’re defunding the FBI, you’re defunding the DOJ, you’re defunding the CIA and start off by saying ‘hey guys, come show what you’re really doing for the American people and not against the American people? Bannon was drooling.

When Bannon mentions the American people, he is only talking about Trump.

“Well, to quote a great, great man, I would say we have to tear him into a thousand pieces, not just the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ,” she exclaimed. “Yeah, they need to be torn down, but then they need to be rebuilt, properly. They’re rotten to the core, Steve. Rotten to the core.”

The only rotten things in this clip are Marge and Bannon.

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