Manhattan DA to Charge Navy Veterinarian Over Michael Jackson Subway Choking Death | wayne dupree

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office confirmed in a statement to CBS News that a Navy veteran will be charged with second-degree manslaughter in connection with the strangulation death of a man on a subway train. . Jordan Neely, a homeless former Michael Jackson impersonator, died earlier this month after being suffocated by Daniel Penny. The district attorney’s office confirmed Penny’s indictment on Friday.

Nearly three minutes of footage shows Penny, 24, on the floor of a subway vehicle as Neely, 30, holds her in a chokehold. According to passenger reports, Neely displayed unusual behavior on the train, screaming his hunger and exhaustion, but luckily he didn’t harm anyone.

The New York City Medical Examiner’s Office determined Neely’s death to be murder. CBS New York claimed that after questioning Penny, the police let her go without pressing charges.

Penny’s lawyers claimed in the days after Neely’s death that their client had been “aggressively threatened” by Neely and that Penny and the other passengers had “acted in self-defense”.

Thomas Kenniff and Steven Raiser said in a May 5 statement that “Daniel never meant to hurt Mr. Neely and could not have predicted his sad death.”

Neely’s family lawyers argued for a prison sentence for Penny.

Lennon Edwards and Donte Mills said in a May 8 statement that “he never sought to help her at all.” There have been protests for days demanding justice for Neely because of the case.

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