Man Was Given A 12-Month Term With Hard Labor For Cursing At The Police With Antoa (Details)

The Kasoa District Court has sentenced a young man to prison for allegedly using Antoa and other national river gods to curse police officers.

The convict is a driver but was acting as a trotro mate on the day of the event when they were stopped by some police officers for a cursory search of their possessions.

The source claims that during the search, his belongings were dumped on the ground, and he questioned the police as to why they would do this while leaving the other people’s belongings in the car.

He continued by saying that the policeman made no effort to harm him in any way. As a result, the policeman became enraged with him, and one of them gave him a backslap.

The driver was beaten by two policemen who later joined in, forcing him to curse them with Antoa. However, by choosing to curse them, he made matters worse for himself because they handcuffed him and transported him to Kasoa police station.

He spent the night in the police station before being brought before the judge the next morning, who sentenced him to a 12-month jail term.

You can view the court document below:


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