Man Leaves His Jehovah’s Witness Spouse After Learning She Had Three Children Already (Details)

A 30-year-old Zambian man has filed a lawsuit against his wife for what he describes as dishonesty.

According to reports, James Banda wed his fellow Jehovah’s Witness Barbara, who was 29 years old, in 2013.

Mwebantu claims that the pair started out on what appeared to be a happy married adventure that would end abruptly after just two years.

When Barbara eventually found the guts to tell her husband about her closely-guarded secret, trouble began.

She admitted to him that, contrary to what she had previously said, she actually has three children from previous relationships. “When she told me she had a child when we were going to get married, I agreed because I too had a child.

I was surprised when she revealed two years later that she had three children, said James, who was now furious.

James said before the court that the marriage was based on lies, which left him disillusioned and wanting to end it. He continued by saying that in addition to being angry with his wife and family for lying to him, he was also unable to support the three kids.


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