LSU’s Olivia Dunne Shows Off Her Gymnast Body In Zebra Print Bikini

Olivia Dunne showed off her sculpted abs in an Instagram share!

The Louisiana State University gymnast took to Stories and posted a stunning photo of herself. Dunne, known as Livvy, showed off her killer curves in a selfie while wearing a tiny two-piece swimsuit.

Olivia Dunne’s animal print bikini

Olivia Dunne posing for the camera.
Instagram | Olivia Dunn

It looked like Dunne was using her tanning products, as her skin was sporting a perfect glow in the photo. She showed off her sun-kissed body as she slipped into a sexy swimsuit set, which gave her audience a good look at her killer curves. The zebra print bikini included a top that looked like a bralette but with triangle cups. Her plunging neckline displayed a striking view of her cleavage, which was amplified by the fitted cut. The straps went over her shoulders and helped accentuate her toned arms.

Below, Dunne rocked a pair of bottoms with a low-cut front that allowed the beauty to show off much of her toned midsection. Her sides were lifted above her hips, exposing a lot of skin. The seamless cut hugged her body like a glove, emphasizing the athlete’s killer curves, especially her petite waist in contrast to her wide hips.

Olivia Dunne showing off her bikini body

Olivia Dunne takes a selfie.
Instagram | Olivia Dunn

Dunne parted her blonde locks down the center and tied them in a low ponytail. In terms of accessories, she only wore two delicate necklaces.

The 20-year-old posed in the bathroom and sat down in front of a mirror. The light walls and the sunlight streaming in through the nearby window made the room suitable for a selfie.

Dunne stood front and center while tilting his lower body to the side. She raised her left hand, which held her phone, in front of her face to get a good angle. The internet sensation looked at the screen of the mobile device and smiled before taking the picture.

Olivia Dunne wears a black bikini

Olivia Dunne sunbathes on a yacht in Capri, Italy.
Instagram | Olivia Dunn

Olivia Dunne likes to flaunt her gymnastic body in all sorts of outfits, from mini dresses to swimsuits. As reported by The Blast, she wore a two-piece swimsuit in black which complemented her sun-kissed complexion. Her top had thin straps that went over her shoulders. The neckline dipped so low on her chest, flaunting a bit of gymnast cleavage.

The matching bikini bottom featured a high-cut design that allowed Dunne to show off her sculpted thighs. Her sides extended high over her hips, accentuating her petite waist and the curves of her hips.

Dunne let down her blonde tresses, letting the locks hang over her shoulders as she sported a no-makeup look. For jewelry, she opted for her favorite Van Clef & Arpels necklace.

Olivia Dunne spends time with her sister

Olivia Dunne posing for the camera.
Instagram | Olivia Dunn

Dunne was accompanied by her sister, Julz Dunne, who was also dressed in a red bikini. They used audio from Disney’s “Luca” movie.

The beginning of the clip showed the gymnast sitting on her legs and making the Italian hand gesture with her brother. She then stood on the side of the boat and wore goggles before jumping into the ocean.

Italy lovers

Olivia Dunne sunbathes on a yacht in Capri, Italy.
Instagram | Olivia Dunn

“Love it here,” Dunne wrote in the caption.

One of the hashtags also revealed that she was on vacation in Italy.

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