Lizzo is set to quit music after ‘Bulls–t’ comments about her body

Lizzo has threatened to quit her music career due to negative comments about her weight on social media.

The “Good as Hell” singer said she was “tired” of “bulls-t” after spotting a cruel message Wednesday (May 31) on Twitter.

His comment came in response to a Tweeter by author and podcaster Layah Heilpern, who shared a video of Lizzo wearing a cropped sparkly green and removing the removable skirt while singing and dancing on stage.

Heilpern captioned the post: “How is Lizzo still so fat when she’s constantly moving so much on stage?! I wonder what she should be eating.

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The tweet has been viewed millions of times, prompting Lizzo to become a trending topic on the platform.

The Grammy-winning artist reposted Heilpern’s tweet and included a caption saying she was fed up with online abuse.

“I just logged into the app and this is the kind of crap I see about me daily,” Lizzo wrote. “It’s really starting to make me hate the world.”

She added: “Then someone in the comments said I ate ‘lots of fast food.’ explain all the time and i just want to login to this app without seeing my name in some bulls.

The singer said she plans to step out of the spotlight altogether.

“You have no idea how close I am to giving up on everyone and quitting and enjoying my money and my man at an F–KING FARM,” she wrote. “Love definitely doesn’t outweigh hate on social media…all because I’m fat???? That’s crazy.”

She continued with “I hate it here.”

The singer made her Twitter account private last month, according to published reports in April. But Pop Crave screenshotted and reposted his May 31 tweets.

Lizzo, 35, is known for advocating body positivity and launched an inclusive shapewear line in 2022.

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