Little Details You Missed in the Penguin Teaser

Rhenzy Feliz (best known for playing teenage superhero Alex Wilder in the decently received but short-lived Marvel series ‘The Runaways’) was announced to have joined the main cast of ‘The Penguin’ in February this year. While his character’s name is still being kept under wraps, it’s been rumored (and now seemingly confirmed by this teaser) that Feliz will be playing Cobblepot’s young confidant and driver – the Christopher to his Tony. It’s interesting that HBO chooses to keep Feliz’s character shrouded in mystery, considering he appears to be just a kid Cobblepot picked up off the street. This may mean that the character’s name alone would spoil some of the show’s plot, and that would certainly be true if his name turned out to be Ignatius Ogilvy.

Created by John Layman and Jason Fabok during the New 52 era of DC’s “Detective Comics” series, Ogilvy was an orphan who joined the Penguin’s crew at a very young age. Through sacrifice, loyalty, and careful deception, Ogilvy earned Cobblepot’s trust and eventually became his right-hand man.

However, Ogilvy’s loyalty to the Penguin was only a means to enact his own grand scheme. When Cobblepot allowed Ogilvy to run his operations briefly during a temporary absence, Ogilvy worked quickly to overthrow him and claim his power permanently, taking the title of Emperor Penguin. In HBO’s teaser, Cobblepot very clearly warns Feliz’s character not to double-cross him – perhaps this moment is meant to herald a similar betrayal later in the series.

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