Link Tank: All About Crunchyroll’s New Music Initiative

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While TV shows should be more travel-focused than destination-focused, these shows have been nearly ruined by their final episodes.

“It’s not easy to finish a TV show; Summarizing what can sometimes be several years of storylines into one satisfying ending is an incredibly difficult task. So when a really bad TV series finale happens, it’s not always a surprise, but it’s always a huge disappointment. Maybe that’s why those 10 finals stick in our minds: we were supporting them, but they just couldn’t hold the landing.

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The Legend of Zelda franchise has always had an ambiguous relationship status between Link and the titular Zelda, and the latest entry in the series doesn’t do much to help.

“From The Legend of Zelda, Link and Princess Hylian have long been side by side. This relationship has been considered platonic, with Link serving as Zelda’s knight in a green tunic. tears of the kingdom seems to change the status of their relationship by asking Zelda to move her things to Link’s rustic, loving home.


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