Lindsay Arnold shares her post-pregnancy belly holding her baby

“Dancing with the Stars” alum Lindsay Arnold and her husband, Samuel Lightner Cusickwelcomed their second child june cusickMay 3, 2023.

Now that she’s home with her newborn baby, she’s sharing a post-pregnancy photo with her fans.

Lindsay Arnold shares post-pregnancy photo

Lindsay Arnold shares her post-pregnancy belly while holding her newborn daughter
Instagram | Lindsay Arnold

The former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ pro shows off her post-pregnancy belly while holding her newborn baby girl now that they’re back home. “The difference a week can make 🥹🥹,” she shared in the Instagram post, including a photo of her pre-birth belly.

“It’s always the craziest thing to look at your pregnant belly after birth knowing the sweet little soul that’s been there the whole time 🥹 we’re just in heaven here with our lovely girls 💕 took this last pic of bump about 30 minutes before we left for the hospital and I’m glad I did 🫶,” she continued.

Fans were quick to comment on the post. One user shared: “Wild how they are crinkled inside to fit. And how they look on the outside. Too too cute! Congrats on this beauty ☺️💕😊,” as another chimed in, Those abs though…. 🔥. She is beautiful! Congratulations 💕.”

A third expressed, “Oh my god!! Sweet June all snuggled up to her mom…so precious 🥺🥰💖,” while one of her fans commented, “Looks like you never had a baby Amazing. Hope to bounce back as fast as you. 🙏.”

As one of her followers wrote, “You look beautiful a week after having your baby! I admire how organized you are with your life, family, home, health, etc.

Lindsay Arnold talks about the complications

PHOTOS: Lindsay Arnold and Sam Cusick welcome a baby girl
Instagram | Lindsay Arnold

Arnold’s pregnancy included some frightening complications, as the mother-of-two opened up in a recent Instagram post about how she had to have a C-section.

“They checked my dilation, and I was at 4cm; checked the little girl’s position, and she was still breech (she’s been breech for 30 weeks), so they called my doctor, and he said it was time to get the little girl out and get rid of it. ‘move forward with the AC section,’ she shared.

Lindsay Arnold then revealed that she could watch most of the birth through a plastic curtain, and she saw her daughter, June, come out with her bottom first.

“When it was time for her head to come out, that’s when we could see the cord was wrapped around the little girl’s neck,” Arnold wrote, which explains why she was in the seat. . “It was difficult for them to pull his head, and the cord compressed around his neck as they pulled. When they finally pulled his head out, they quickly undid the cord, and he was wrapped six times around our sweet daughter’s neck. Terrifying and shocking moment for everyone in the room,” she continued on Instagram.

“They worked quickly and efficiently to get the little girl breathing and alert, which took a few minutes…those minutes felt like forever, but we’re so lucky the little girl came to and started breathing. by itself,” she added.

Lindsay Arnold and June are happy and healthy.

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