Lindell Wants Our ‘Help’ To Recover $40M He Blew On Fake Election Claims

Pillow salesman Mike Lindell was in Iowa yesterday for the Donald Trump rally that never happened, and he spoke to the boo of Right Side Broadcasting host Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“What we’re doing with Frank Speech in the next two weeks, it could take two to four weeks, we’re offering shares to the public,” Lindell said. “It’s going to be amazing.”

“We are offering shares to the public,” the conspiracy theorist continued. “I want every person to have a little slice of the pie for our voice for this country.”

“I spent the money I used to save this country, I spent over $40 million,” he admitted.

“Amazing,” said the host. “Wait a second, he spent over $40 million.”

“I spent, and I need help, you know, we need help, but we need help to raise a bigger voice, and we need help,” he said. he declared. “The money we have, and you’ll see it when it happens, I can’t give specifics.”

“The lawyer said I would only let you say that,” he added.

He wanted to throw away his money to overturn a legitimate election. I hope he goes bankrupt and ends up in a homeless shelter, finding food in the garbage to keep him alive. There, I said it. But that won’t happen. He’ll get Trump’s rewards for buying stock in his shitty company.

The election was 922 days ago, and he’s still crying. NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO DAYS.

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