Light up your fingers! ‘Masturbation May’ will keep them busy

Did you know this is it celebrated time of year when people are encouraged to take a moment and… come down.

The masturbation may have started!

Light up your fingers!  'Masturbation May' will keep them busy

May is celebrated as Masturbation May or, to use its more politically correct term, National Masturbation Month. The particular time of the year was created by the sex shop Good Vibrations in 1995.

This was in response to Bill Clinton’s firing of Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, who believed masturbation should be taught in schools as part of the curriculum. It’s the 28the the year in which the celebration takes place.

Each year, Good Vibrations celebrates the news on its website and social media pages to continue educating the masses that it’s completely okay to touch each other.

Good Vibrations shares the story of Joycelyn Elder

Each year, the company dedicates an article to seniors and its fruitful work. They describe it as:

“The first black woman to hold this role – for a simple and truthful statement about masturbation: when asked if she should be part of sex education programs, she said, in light of the pressing need for information about safer sex, that it was something “that maybe should be taught”.

Although masturbation is less taboo these days, there is still a stigma around masturbation. “So we need to talk about it, de-stigmatize it, learn more, celebrate it! Our goal at Good Vibrations is to make masturbation completely acceptable for everyone who chooses it – and that’s what Masturbation Month has always been about! 💜.”

Many celebrities brag about indulging themselves

Dakota Johnson films Madame Web

Fortunately, Elders, Good Vibrations, and other sex advocates have celebrities backing their ideas by building sex-related brands. Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kandi Burruss has a whole sex podcast. She also created a line of sex toys. And she has an experiment called “The Dungeon.” ” Whoops !

Gwyneth Paltrow always hints at how much fun she gets from her “alone time.” Her Goop brand constantly promotes self-love and even dedicated an entire episode of their Netflix series to the female orgasm.

Cardi B followed WAP’s success with her own sex toy with Vush called the “Majesty 2” vibrator. Dakota Johnson has teamed up with Maude to create her vibrator and promote some of their bestsellers.

It’s not just the month of May that these celebrities focus on their sex-related endeavors; Lala Kent, Charly Jordan and Kenya Moore have all promoted the sex toys they’re supposed to use on Instagram and Twitter, of course; it’s a #announcement, but, when may comes, they go much stronger.

Social media is buzzing

Light up your fingers!  'Masturbation May' will keep them busy

The start of May has gotten a lot of people excited, and overly sexual posts are doing the rounds. “May has cum, and so should you” is a motto that still circulates. There’s also a calendar that goes around with a different masturbation technique each day.

There is a hands-free masturbation technique guide for women.

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