Liberty University senior broadcaster touts Stalin, Mao and Hitler

I don’t know what it’s like with the right these days, admiring totalitarian leaders and their quotes. We also saw this recently from Moms for Hitler, uh, Liberty when a chapter quoted Adolf in one of their newsletters. Maybe someone should tell them they’re giving the game away as they praise totalitarian despots with their desire for control.

From his linked page, Ryan Helfenbein is listed as Senior Vice President of Communications at Liberty University, which means I’m guessing he’s good at communications and all. Ryan Helfenbein made the odd — and repulsive — comparison at the Faith and Freedom Coalition gala.

Source: Meidas touch

Liberty University’s Ryan Helfenbein at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Gala said, “What we’re discovering as parents and conservatives is that education really is evangelism. So if you don’t control not education, you can’t control the future. And Stalin knew that, Mao knew that, Hitler knew that. We have to reclaim that for conservative values.

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