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Holston (David Oyelowo) proposed Juliet’s name for the position of sheriff after he started digging in the silo himself. Presumably, he chose her for the role of protecting her, and the job provides greater access to sensitive information that would allow him to investigate Silo without arousing the suspicions of other law enforcement. Is that also why Jahns wanted her for the job?

In episode 3, Jahns reveals that she doesn’t care exactly how things go in the underground society, although she doesn’t say it out loud. For example, the mayor allows Martha (Harriet Walter) to use illegal radios to listen to police conversations, suggesting that she sympathizes with rebels and truth seekers. In another scene, Sim (Common), a representative of the judiciary, tries to coax Jahns into choosing his candidate as the new judge. Jahns, meanwhile, thinks he’s trying to intimidate her, and her tone makes it clear that she’s not a fan of either the judge’s or Sim’s current recommendation.

Before his death, Jahns empowered Silo’s most rebellious and curious characters, while simultaneously delaying decisions that would benefit the status quo. Unfortunately, she paid the price for overstepping the mark, but her death further proves that there is corruption at the top.

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