Leggy Jenna Ortega pouting in tiny shorts and black bra

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Leggy Jenna Ortega pouted in tiny shorts and a black bra. It hit Coachella Valley, which kicked off last weekend. The rising star took instagram to reveal one of her avant-garde outfits. The post has already broken records on the social media app. Keep reading to learn more and see the snaps for yourself.

The Wednesday star flaunts a leggy look

On Monday, April 17, Jenna Ortega posted three new snaps to instagram. The first showed the Wednesday star pursing her lips and blowing out of them. Jenna rocked a sheer black top that had rhinestones all over it. A black and white bandana was tied around his neck.

Jenna Ortega wears a sweatshirt [Source: Jenna Ortega - Instagram]
[Source: Jenna Ortega – Instagram]

The Netflix star sat in the grass with one leg in front of the other. The 20-year-old hit the grass taking care of and soaking up her surroundings. She wore a small black lace bra and denim shorts. The brunette beauty tucked her wrinkled black socks into her black tennis sneakers. She covered her face with round sunglasses.

Meanwhile, her messy dark brown bangs were swept across her forehead. Locks on each side hung down along her chin and the sides of her face. She tied her hair in a light bun to keep her neck cool. In the next shot, she continued to blow on her lips while remaining in the same pose. Jenna Ortega had a third photo which showed her resting her left arm on her right leg.

This time she bent down and teased her little black bra. The triangular cups outlined her small breasts. You could also see a glimpse of her slightly faded denim cuts, which had fringe at the hem. Jenna looked at something beside her.

In her post, Jenna Ortega defined her location as Indio, California. She called it “home ❤️!” in the caption. In just an hour, she amassed over 1.7 million likes on that post alone. THE Cry 6 star has already gained a cult following in the past year alone.

Fans question Jenna Ortega’s partnership

Fans had a lot to say about Jenna Ortega’s photos. They loved seeing the shots from the Coachella grounds. Others noticed something about the instagram post itself. She included the hashtags “Created With Adidas” and “Adidas Sportswear.”

A disappointed user wrote:Not adidas 🤦🏽‍♂️.” Anyway, most of the fans were in her outfit. They wanted to know where Jenna Ortega got it. One user even called her “super dope.”

Meanwhile, other fans couldn’t help but stare at her legs. Jenna gave legs for days in her little outfit. What do you think of leggy Jenna Ortega pouting in tiny shorts and a black bra? Do you love her Coachella outfit? Sound off below in the comments section.

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