Late Night Music Club: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

I didn’t know until today that Joan Jett’s iconic I Love Rock’N’Roll was actually a cover song. She first heard it on TV in a hotel room when The Arrows performed it. I also didn’t know that it took her years to get things just the way she wanted it – the right musicians, a big record company contract, etc – before she recorded her famous version of the song. Furthermore, I only learned today that she had tweaked the lyrics and it became an instant theme song for women empowerment.

Nope, I didn’t know any of that stuff. I just knew that it’s a kick-ass rock’n’roll song from my much younger days and that little scream she does sends thrills up and down my spine. The fact that Jett is also a very big union supporter only made me even more of a fanboy. Well, OK, now more of a fancodger, but you know what I mean.

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