Late Night Music Club – Expedition to Boston by Mia X Ally

Ally the Piper and Mia Asano recently concluded a tour of the Great Lakes and Northeast regions, from Chicago to New York and, of course, Boston. As part of the tour, they released this video promoting their tour featuring a cover of the Drop Kick Murphys hit, Shipping Up To Boston.

Ally is a classically trained piper who has won hundreds of medals in competitions around the world.

Mia Asano has been playing the violin since the age of five, but takes it to a new level with her futuristic electric violin.

These two young women have a huge following on all social media platforms, producing covers as well as their own original music, but with a light rock/metal twist.

By the way, their cover of Lynyrd Skinner’s Freebird is fascinating.

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