Larry Allen West murdered Carol Joyce Deleon: authorities

Larry Allen West murdered Carol Joyce Deleon in 1981, authorities said. (Mugshot of Allen: Bexar County Jail; images by Deleon via Texas Department of Public Safety)

Investigators say they found the man who shot an 18-year-old, recent high school graduate six times in the head. Larry Allen West was arrested on Thursday for murder, the Texas Department of Public Safety announced.

Authorities said 18-year-old Carol Joyce Deleon graduated from Thomas Edison High School in San Antonio, Texas on May 28, 1981. A few days later, on June 3, she went to a local nightclub. She was found shot dead along Interstate 35 in Comal County, Texas on June 4, 1984, but investigators were unable to identify her, even after checking her fingerprints and referring to reports missing persons from neighboring areas.

“She was buried in New Braunfels, TX as Jane Doe,” the Texas DPS wrote.

Authorities managed to identify Deleon in 2009 using DNA technology.

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