Lala Kent on Raquel Breakdown’s Most Agonizing Reunion Moment

Lala Kent reacts to Raquel's breakdown and reveals "The most scary" Vanderpump Rules Reunion Moment, and Where She's at with LVP, and Describes James as a Sweetheart

Lala Kent appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch what’s happening livewhere she reacted to the bomb Raquel Leviss fell to the Vanderpump Rules meeting regarding the timeline of his affair with Tom Sandoval and his ideas for a group with Ariana Madix.

In addition to sharing where she is at with Lisa Vanderpump and the rest of the cast and commenting on Sandoval and Raquel’s potential future, Lala admitted her confusion about the shock of the reunion, revealed the most nerve-wracking moment and described james kennedy as a lover.

“Fun,” Lala proclaimed of James on the June 7 episode of WWHL.

After his disorderly separation from Randall Emmet in October 2021, Lala had a brief relationship with a man named Don Lopez before cutting ties with him because of his ex.

“He has an ex who is kind of… So I was like, we’re done here. I have my own drama,” she explained.

Then, thinking back on her affair with Ariana, Lala explained why Ariana wasn’t cheating on Sandoval.

“It’s not my call if they’re in an open relationship. But it’s not cheating because Sandoval was there. I asked permission and he said ‘of course,'” she revealed.

Because Tom Schwartz has been so close to Sandoval in recent years, many believe he knew more than he let on about his affair with Raquel, and Lala agrees.

“Yeah, I think he knows more,” she confirmed.

Schwartz, along with Lisa, faced backlash throughout the reunion for seemingly being too easy on Sandoval and Raquel. But despite their disagreement about it, Lala said she and Lisa were in an okay place.

“We were great. I don’t know if she loved it. I felt good,” she noted.

In addition to staying on good terms with Lisa, Lala has been in touch with each of her other cast members aside from Sandoval and Raquel.

“I spoke to Schwartz. It celebrated the fifth anniversary of my father’s death, which really touched my heart,” she shared. “I communicated with everyone but those two.”

As for where Sandoval and Raquel are today, Lala admitted that she doesn’t think they will last.

“No. I think he’s completely moved on already,” she said.

That said, Lala believes Sandoval and Raquel were in close contact before the reunion.

“He absolutely coached her. He coached them all,” she said, targeting Sandoval’s tears.

“It was hysterical to watch because it reminded me of the one whose name we won’t mention when he tried to cry for me,” she explained. “He was a narcissistic choice and trying to…it was mortifying.”

After noting that Raquel was the ‘more remorseful’ of the two, Lala said Sandoval’s search of Ariana, who he said wore a T-shirt during sex, was the most nerve-wracking moment of the reunion. .

“It really hurt my stomach,” she said. “It was so bad. And it’s like he keeps making these comments like ‘there you go again’. There’s nothing sexier than a chick in a T-shirt and no pants.

Reflecting on Raquel’s revelations in Part 3 and the many tears she shed, Lala suspected Pump Rules may not be a good place for her in the future.

“I feel like there’s a lot of work to do. I don’t know if reality TV is the space for her,” she noted.

Lala also said, “I’m confused.”

“It’s weird because we’ve seen her go from like, she’s a lost soul watching her friend cry and no emotion to complete depression, like, ‘I tried to protect Tom.’ So now I’m like, do I feel…? I don’t know. It’s like taking a puff of acid,” she said.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 is set to begin filming later this month.

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