Lady shares before and after Brɛαst reduction surgery as netizens go crazy (VIDEO)

A young woman who hid her name has shared a before and after video of her appearance after undergoing breast reduction surgery for herself.

The video she captioned, ‘It’s worth it’, got a lot of cuts – netizens are actually split over it.

Lady shares before and after Brɛαst reduction surgery

Some push her for her bravery and others castigate her for “changing her natural appearance”.

According to the lady, it was the best decision she had ever made in her life.

Sharing the video on TikTok, she captioned.

“RIP melons. Best decision of my life”

The video sees her before when she had the big one and her after when it was shrunk down to normal small sizes.

Netizens reacted:

Lady shares before and after Brɛαst reduction surgery


“His life his choice!”


“I owe it to me, I’d like to reduce mine oo hmmm.”


“Hmm…. If it’s small they complain, if it’s big they complain. Some of these genres are more than confusing 😂”


“It is the most useless decision you have made in your life, leaving a greater blessing to the lesser ones”


“I plan to do this 😂”

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