Lady Louise Windsor impresses with a £75 hat today – but her scarf is just £7.99 on Amazon

Lady Louise Windsor, 19, was taught carriage driving by her late grandfather Prince Philip and took part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show today. The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh’s daughter looked stunning in her mother’s £75 hat and £7.99 scarf from Amazon.

Louise wore her mother Sophie’s ‘Navy Fedora with Black Leather Strap and Game Feathers’ by Hayfield, which retails for a low £75.

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh previously wore this hat when out in July 2021 at the same Royal Windsor Horse Show event.

The description for this hat says, “You don’t need to have a feather pin to include feathers in your Hayfield England fedora!”

“Our bespoke fedora hats with feathers feature a striking feather throw which is tied inside the branded 100% leather band for a sleek and stylish look.”

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Louise teamed her navy hat with her mother’s navy blue coat from Stella McCartney and looked incredibly stylish for the occasion.

The ‘Vivienne’ coat was first worn by Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh in 2017, but has been firmly entrenched in Louise’s wardrobe since 2019.

The description reads: “Crafted in a midnight blue wool-blend, this Vivienne coat features a slightly flared hem for an extremely feminine aesthetic. It is lined through the sleeves allowing for seamless layering.

Louise also had a purple flower attached to her Stella McCartney coat today, which is traditional.

Plus, Louise wore another accessory today while riding the carriage – but this time it was just £7.99 from Amazon. Lady Louise also wore a “Horses Print Design Women’s Scarve” in the color Mocha Brown.

It was the perfect prop to demonstrate Louise’s love for horses, especially when driving.

Lady Louise could be seen wearing small silver earrings for the occasion today.

In a nod to Prince Philip, Louise also wore two brooches today that signify her passion for horse-drawn carriage driving.

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One of these brooches was first worn by Lady Louise when she attended the funeral of the late Duke of Edinburgh in April 2021.

Louise then wore the piece at the late Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey in 2022.

The special piece of jewelry features a horse’s head, horseshoe and whip as a nod to the hobby she shared with her grandfather.

Lady Louise inherited her love of carriage driving from Prince Philip. Prince Philip’s passion for driving was well known and he was often seen with his ponies.

Lady Louise opened up about her and her grandfather’s shared passion during a BBC documentary titled ‘Prince Philip: The Royals Remembered’.

She said: “The Duke of Edinburgh has been so involved in my driving which has been so beautiful, although a bit scary because he pretty much invented the sport. It’s amazing to have learned directly from him.

The former Duke of Edinburgh has been credited with helping shape the sport in the UK and still competed well into his 80s.

At the age of 91, the prince had a dark green car made to his specifications out of aluminum and steel. It is believed to be the same one Lady Louise was pictured driving in Windsor today.

Post source: Express

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