Lady Discovered Dead In The Club With Her Womb Removed After Going To Hang Out With The “Big Boys” (VIDEO)

The community is in shock and disbelief after hearing the awful news of the young Nigerian woman’s premature death.

Discussions concerning personal safety and the murky undercurrents that occasionally follow the nightlife scene have been sparked by the terrible tragedy, which occurred after a night of festivity.

The unnamed young woman apparently went to the club last night with a group of “big boys” to enjoy an evening of entertainment.

The happy night, however, took a sinister turn when her lifeless body was found early this morning next to a busy road.

The heartbreaking scene was captured on film, which has since gone popular on social media.

Eyewitnesses at the site can be seen in the viral video expressing their sorrow and shock at the awful situation.

Her death’s circumstances are still unknown, but a terrifying accusation that has surfaced reveals that her womb was taken, raising the likelihood of ritualistic motives.

The prevailing theory centers on the idea that the young woman might have been a victim of a custom known as “Sakawa,” or ritual sacrifice.

This unsettling claim suggests that the gang of “big boys” who were her nighttime companions may have been responsible for her death.

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