Kylie Jenner shows off her summer body in sizzling new snaps

Kylie Jenner delighted her 396 million Instagram followers with two mesmerizing snaps, giving off a summer vibe, showcasing her in a red bikini.

A few days earlier, she shared a heartwarming “mom-daughter day” with Stormi, indulging in a playful shopping adventure. The duo also showed off their acting skills by recreating a scene from “White Lotus.”

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Kylie Jenner is in her “summer feeling”

Kylie Jenner shows off her summer body in sizzling snaps
Instagram | Kylie Jenner

Embracing the summer energy, Kylie Jenner mesmerized her 396 million Instagram followers by sharing two snaps of herself in a red bikini, bathing in the warm glow of the sun on a serene Sunday afternoon. The snaps currently sit at an impressive 4.1 million likes.

In the first snapshot, captured on an outdoor patio chair in her sprawling garden, the beauty mogul showed off her flawless curves while stretching.

She accessorized with a delicate gold anklet and delicate gold earrings as she held a glass of red wine for the second photo. In the caption, she wrote, “Summer feeling.”

She took her fans on a mini-tour of her Beverly Hills home

Kylie Jenner shows off her summer body in sizzling snaps
Instagram | Kylie Jenner

Recently, Jenner embraced the world of TikTok, offering a glimpse into her life to her devoted fans. In a recent video, the Kylie Skin founder gave an impromptu mini-tour of her luxurious abode, sharing snippets of her home, from her sleek bar to the cherished family piano.

Prompted by a fan’s request for a “house tour,” the reality TV star graciously agreed and gave a glimpse of part of her Beverly Hills property.

Jenner playfully addressed her followers, saying, “OK, I’m not going to do a full house tour, but I’m going to show you the room I’m in.” With that, she launched into a one-minute selfie clip, taking her audience on a journey through her home.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi’s “Mom Daughter Day”

Kylie Jenner celebrates her daughter Stormi's parenting milestone
Instagram | Kylie Jenner

This latest display of Jenner’s summer vibes comes just days after she documented a “mom-daughter day” with her adorable five-year-old daughter, Stormi. Sharing the joyful excursion on social media, the cosmetics mogul captioned the video with the sweet words, “Mom and daughter day.”

The footage showed the duo on their trip, with Jenner asking Stormi the question that sparked their little getaway. Eyes shining, Stormi enthusiastically replied, “We’re going to target!” However, playfully correcting her daughter, Jenner replied, “It’s Target!”

@kyliejennermommy girl’s day 🫶🏻♬ Sweet Sunset – Tollan Kim & dulai

In the video, the reality star revealed that Stormi floated the idea of ​​a mom-daughter day. As Kylie picked out her outfit for the day, she playfully asked her daughter’s opinion on her fashion choices. Kylie opened up about the adorable interaction, saying, “I’m wearing this little dress today. I asked Stormi if she liked my dress and she said ‘yes and no.'” The precocious preschooler quickly clarified by saying, “No, I said, ‘No, yes. “

Jenner expressed confusion but happily said, “we still wear it.” Holding hands and beaming smiles, the duo strolled through the parking lot, Jenner saying in a singsong voice, “We’re here for our adventure.”

Kylie Jenner and Stormi perform a scene from ‘White Lotus’

Kylie Jenner Ditches Sultry Style, Fans Think Timothee Chalamet Played a Part
Instagram | Kylie Jenner

Just hours before their shopping spree, Jenner and Stormi showed off their acting skills. Sitting in the same car, decked out in the outfits they wore on their memorable day together, the mother-daughter duo decided to recreate a scene from the popular “White Lotus” series.

The clip began with Stormi putting on a serious expression, sitting in the passenger seat of Jenner’s car. In perfect sync with the original dialogue, Stormi uttered the line “What are you doing?” Meanwhile, Jenner, playing the character of Olivia Mossbacher, nervously looked up from her phone and replied with a mime, “Texting?”

Kylie Jenner Ditches Sultry Style, Fans Think Timothee Chalamet Played a Part
Instagram | Kylie Jenner

Stormi engaged further in the scene, uttering the question, “Texting who?” While performing, Jenner channeled her character, responding with “My sister,” while audio from the actual scene played in the background.

The next moment featured Stormi with her arms crossed, maintaining a calm demeanor as Jenner mimicked her character and asked, “Is there a problem?” Stormi, seriously, articulated the answer: “I don’t know, do I?” The scene ended, leaving viewers in awe of their adorable performance.

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