Kroy Biermann says Kim Zolciak put his family in debt

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Shocking new allegations are being made by Kroy Biermann as he claims the mother of his children, Kim Zolciak, has put their family in debt. Is Kim the reason her family is in debt right now? Or, is Kroy just trying to build a case against his ex-wife so he can get custody of his kids? Keep reading for the shocking allegations Kroy makes about his ex-wife.

RHA: Kroy Biermann accuses Kim Zolciak of putting his family in debt to gambling

First reported by Speed ​​cameras online hours ago, court documents reveal that Kroy Biermann accuses his ex-wife Kim of having a massive gambling problem. Kroy alleges that the problem accelerated in the few months leading up to his formal divorce filing.

Kroy Biermann claims that Kim Zolciak is obsessed with gambling. And, she has also gone to other games involving chance and risk. He goes on to allege that her “hardship has financially devastated the parties” due to the time she spent obsessing over the game and the money she invested in it.

Kroy Biermann - YouTube
Kroy Biermann – YouTube

Unfortunately, the RHOA The star goes on to say that Kim has become so engrossed in gambling and gambling that her obsession takes over everything else in her life. And, he claims her children’s needs are being overlooked because she can’t see past her obsession.

[Kim’s] the time is so consumed with the online game that she is unable to take care of the children properly.

Kroy goes on to note that he has serious concerns for the safety and well-being of their children due to his gambling addiction.

He wants the kids and the house

As those who have followed this story will know, Kroy Biermann took a very aggressive approach in the divorce and custody fight claiming he was sole custody of the children. Although Kim also wants sole physical custody of the children, she was willing to let Kroy have visitation and didn’t seem to be trying to completely stop him from making decisions.

The news of Kroy’s allegations against Kim follows his previous allegations that he had a drug problem and needed to be tested.

Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak/RHOA/Instagram
Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak/RHOA/Instagram

Unfortunately, this heated divorce and custody battle seems to be getting worse as Kroy and Kim cling to each other and fight for what they feel is their due.

Who do you think should have custody of these children? Do you think they are both throwing charges to build cases? Or, is there any truth in what they say? Let us know in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more Bravo news.

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