Kouri Richins allegedly murdered her husband and wrote a book about the loss

Eric Richins (image via obituary), Kouri Richins goes on the news to talk about his book (ABC 4/screenshot)

In March 2022, it appeared a father of three sons died suddenly at the age of 39 in Summit County, Utah after drinking a Moscow Mule his wife made for him in bed. More than a year later, however, Eric Eugene Richins’ wife is accused of murdering him with fentanyl which she allegedly described as “some of the Michael Jackson stuff” when she asked a awareness.

According to the warrant in support of her arrest, Kouri Darden Richins, 33, faces charges of aggravated murder and possession of a controlled substance because she “intentionally or knowingly caused[d] the death” of her husband “by means of the administration of poison or any lethal substance or any substance administered in lethal amount, dosage or amount”.

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