Kody Brown Kids Shock with Father’s Day Cry

sister wives stars Gwendlyn and Ysabel Brown have expressed disappointment with their father in recent years. They are aware of his unfair relationship with Robyn and her children. Gwendlyn has also made negative remarks towards Kody in several of her YouTube videos. But it seems that the polygamous dad still has a special place in the hearts of the siblings, which they showed on Father’s Day.

sister wives: Gwendlyn and Ysabel Brown’s bad times with Kody

Gwendlyn and Ysabel Brown share one thing in common, which is their dissatisfaction with Kody’s parenthood. He was out of sight for them during the Covid-19 pandemic. The 54-year-old father also made the difficult decision not to attend Ysabel scoliosis surgery in New Jersey. According to Kody’s eleventh child, she thinks her priorities are screwed up. “It sucks. He’s so brave and he’s so strong and he lets fear control him,” the 20-year-old added.

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On the other hand, Gwendlyn has gained a controversial reputation online due to her comments about her father. She tried to expose her favoritism towards Robyn. But despite all the negativity, it seems the two still love their biological father.

Tribute to Kody for Father’s Day from Gwendlyn and Ysabel

In an Instagram post, Gwendlyn shared a childhood photo with Kody as a tribute to Father’s Day. “Happy Father’s Day. Love you always,” the 21-year-old said. Ysabel then shared her own throwback photo. It shows herself and Gwendlyn on their father’s shoulders. “Father’s Day <3," she captioned. They are the only ones who welcomed Kody on the special day. Meanwhile, Christine has caught the attention of some sister wives after sharing a Father’s Day message for her fiancé, David Woolley, with an indirect dig at her ex-husband.

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sister wives: Kody Brown skips Ysabel’s birthday?

Ysabel recently celebrated her 20th birthday. Some of his siblings came to celebrate. However, Kody was nowhere to be found at the large gathering. It seems Kody skipped his daughter’s birthday due to Christine and David being there. It is not known if they are still communicating behind the cameras. But Ysabel’s recent Father’s Day tribute could be an indication that they are still in touch.

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At this point, the father of 18 is yet to speak about his current relationships with some of his children. But fans are hoping his ex-wives will continue to give him access despite their splits.

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