KJP’s LGBTQ lawyer denounces state ban on transgender treatment for children | wayne dupree

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House’s first openly LGBT press secretary, recently weighed in on state bans banning transgender therapies for children, saying, “These are our children.”

During a conversation with Jezebel at the GLAAD Media Awards, Jean-Pierre shared how many parents of trans children she’s met have expressed feelings of uncertainty and the need to relocate to ensure their child’s protection. These parents must now consider leaving their state because of these new bans on transgender treatment for minors.

During his speech at an awards ceremony, Jean-Pierre addressed children who identify as transgender. “I have a special message for our transgender children,” she said. “I have an 8 year old daughter and when she feels down I remind her of one thing. Your only job as a person is to be kind and considerate. Don’t let anyone dictate who you are or what you can do. realize. .”

Jean-Pierre then spoke about the responsibility we have as a society to take care of all children, regardless of their gender identity. “These are not just transgender children, they are all of our children. It is essential that we continue to celebrate their unique qualities and strengths and support them on their journey to happiness and self-discovery.”

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