Kim Kardashian Listens to Taylor Swift During a 2-Hour Bodybuilding Workout

Coach Senada Grecathe new physical trainer of Kim Kardashianbegan pushing the reality star to her limits in January!

In her Instagram Stories, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star revealed that the Zentoa founder has been pushing her harder than ever for the past few months. The mum-of-four revealed that she lifts weights for two hours a day, five to six days a week!

Kim Kardashian lifts weights two hours a day with fitness trainer Senada Greca (and listen to Taylor Swift!)

Senada Greca begins coaching Kim Kardashian in January 2023
Instagram | Senada Greca

On her Instagram Story on Sunday, March 26 (according to Yahoo), “The Kardashians” star posted a clip of herself holding a dumbbell against her upper back. “I’ve been working with @senada.greca for three months now,” she wrote in the caption. “We lift weights for two hours a day and do 5 or 6 days a week.”

Although Kim said her original goal “was to gain muscle and be strong,” it seems she’s already been seeing results for just two months. “I already see such a difference,” she wrote. “I am proud of our commitment together. It always starts with small goals.

Along with using a glute band around her thighs, Kim showed her followers how she does side squats with a 40-pound weight. She showed her followers how to do several different exercises, including a 40-pound knee squat and goblet squats with lighter weight.

Senada Greca tells Kim ‘You make my job easier’

Senada Greca trains Kim Kardashian
Instagram Stories | Senada Greca

“Elevated banded cup heels squat to sit with 20lb weight,” she wrote in another clip. “This exercise is one of my least favorite, but you have to persevere even when you don’t want to and I’m afraid of @senada.greca.”

In another clip, Kim focused on her triceps and deltoids as “You Need To Calm Down” by Taylor Swift played in the background of the clip. Although many fans thought the two had “Bad Blood” given Taylor’s beef with Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye WestKim has used Taylor’s music in several of her TikTok videos.

In an Instagram Story, Kim took a selfie of the two together, writing, “Just trying to be like her today! Crazy workout even when I was tired and didn’t feel like it got up and pushed myself and ended up having one of my strongest workouts Thanks for always pushing me @senada.greca.

Senada replied, “It’s the days when you don’t feel like working out, when you’re building the ‘I can’ muscle. These days are more important than the days when you feel like it. @kimkardashian you crushed it today. I’m so super proud of you! You make my job easier. »

Not all fans are thrilled that Senada Greca is coaching Kim Kardashian!

Senada Greca and Kim Kardashian train together in January 2023
Instagram | Senada Greca

On January 19, Senada took to Instagram to reveal that she would be starting to coach Kim Kardashian. In the caption, the popular fitness trainer wrote, “@kimkardashian The hardest working woman in the room! Yes, you heard right! It’s an honor for me to train with Kim and see the person she really is: hard worker, dedicated, consistent and caring.

“She works for 2 hours and never complains even when I push her beyond what she thinks is her limit. I know the strength that lies within her, and now together we are working to get Kim in between in his strength,” she continued. “So excited about this journey.”

In the comments, Kim wrote, “So excited for our trip. Go strong with you. However, some fans weren’t too happy with the news and threatened to unfollow her. One fan wrote: “You have worked hard for your body. She bought hers.

Selfie in black bikini of Kim Kardashian
Instagram | Kim Kardashian

“I don’t care if you train her, she’s a client. But to say she’s the hardest working woman when you have so many women going through your workouts working full time to make ends meet, have kids and juggle a million things while finding time to train and don’t have extra money to pay for surgeries etc…it’s disappointing,” another follower wrote. “Your Crush it team is the real hard working MVP, not KK.”

“The best part of this post is the people in the comments! You give me hope for our future little one! She’s not a role model and people are stepping up and not following,” another user added. “We’re over these celebs, especially the Kardashians!

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