Khloe Kardashian Opens Up About Getting Back With Tristan Thompson After Welcoming Son Tatum

Khloe Kardashian Opens Up About Getting Back With Tristan Thompson After Welcoming Son Tatum

Khloe Kardashian discusses the current state of his relationship with Tristan Thompson.

During the new episode of The Kardashians which was published Thursday, June 8 at midnight, Khloe set the record straight with the 32-year-old NBA player and revealed if there’s a chance they’ll get back together.

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Talking mom Kris Jenner, Khloe says she and Tristan are on good terms as they co-parent their daughter TRUE5 years old and son Tatumborn by surrogate mother on July 28, 2022.

“Tristan and I always get along very well. He and I have a great friendship, we get along well and for my children, I will put everything aside”, Khloe said. “What’s done is done, so why would I still cling to anything?” I don’t need to ‘punish’ him because I won’t get back together with him.

Chris67, then recalled the ‘really cute’ moment she once stopped Khloeis home and found Tristan giving TRUE breakfast.

“Yeah, if I’m not there, when I’m not there, he’s there,” Khloe replied. “I’d rather he be here than the nanny.”

She went on to say that she keeps things very platonic with Tristan.

“There are still limits, I’m definitely setting foot on a lot of things,” Khloe added. “Nobody’s just here to relax if there aren’t kids involved.”

In a confessional, Khloe explained in more detail his relationship with Tristan.

“These boundaries are so important to put in place with Tristan because we’ve already done this song and danced a handful of times,” Tristan explain. “I got back with him after an infidelity scandal, so I don’t know if Tristan feels like, ‘Oh wow, okay, let’s go and she’ll get back to me eventually.'”

“I understand why he thinks that, so it’s my job to set boundaries that my actions show otherwise,” Khloe continued. “I keep it very short and sweet and make sure he knows it’s always about the kids because it’s so easy to fall back into [habits]. I can’t let these old habits come easily into my life. It’s just not what I want.

In a final note to Chris, Khloe said, “It’s always about the kids, and that’s what it is. But we don’t just hang out by ourselves.

Khloe just hit back at a rumor that she and Tristan were back together.

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