Kevin River arrested after Eric Contreras killed, pregnant girlfriend Alena Dean injured in Antioch shooting

A deadly shooting on McBride Road in Antioch late Friday night led to the arrest of one man, according to Metro Police.

The shooting resulted in the death of 19-year-old Eric Contreras, while his 18-year-old pregnant girlfriend was injured.

On Saturday, police announced that 19-year-old Kevin Rivera had been arrested for murdering Contreras and injuring the pregnant woman.

According to Detective Chris Cote, who is leading the investigation, it was revealed that the three individuals knew each other.

Eric Contreras and another person named Dean were sitting in a vehicle on McBride Road when Kevin Rivera arrived. Shortly after a brief conversation between Contreras and Rivera, shots were fired, which appear to be related to an ongoing disagreement.

Rivera is charged with criminal homicide and attempted criminal homicide.

No further details were released.

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