Kevin McCarthy brags: kids on welfare now have to work

Attacking “the least of us” has always been the primary goal of all Republican lawmakers, along with protecting tax cuts for the wealthy.

Kevin McCarthy dredges the bottom of the barrel on fox and friends earlier today trying to sell the debt ceiling deal with the White House.

“But we also did something different,” McCarthy said.

“In this family on welfare, we may have an able-bodied, unmarried, childless child, but he’s sitting on the couch on welfare. We’re going to put work demands on that individual. He’s going to so having work requirement– he will find a job.”

McCarthy describes his imaginary family as “a poor household”.

Only in MAGA countries and conservative circles do they characterize all welfare recipients as lazy, useless bastards lying on a couch, eating free food, sucking on a Bud Lite, wearing sneakers rainbow and watching TV for free while laughing at you.

And which young child are we talking about here? Iowa and other GOP states are relaxing child labor laws.

I mean, we knew they were for child labor, but paying them in food stamps seems low, even to you, Kevin McCarthy.

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