Kerala Chief Minister during PM Modi’s church visit

Mr Vijayan also said: ‘The hunt for Christians is taking place outside Kerala.’

Ernakulam, Kerala:

On Monday, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for visiting a church in Delhi over Easter and said it was a good thing if it was done as ‘atonement for past deeds of the Sangh Parivar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Church of the Sacred Heart in Delhi’s Connaught Square on Easter Sunday evening.

Speaking to the CPIM program in Angamaly, Mr Vijayan said: “The Prime Minister of the country visited a famous Christian church in Delhi. It’s a good thing if it can atone for everything that’s happened so far. It will be? Will the tiger adopt a different position after experiencing this taste? Will he travel otherwise?

“Bharatiya Janata party leaders have been seen visiting all the churches in Kerala. So there is no harm here. There is no harm in taking a different position,” he added.

Mr Vijayan also said: “The hunt for Christians is taking place outside Kerala. The fact that you (BJP) cannot take this position here is not because the Sangh Parivar here has any special affection for the minority. If you take a community stance and try to create a community conflict here, the government will take a tough stance. It is an uncompromising position. »

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