Keanu Reeves cut his own dialogue heavily in John Wick 4

In the pantheon of great action heroes, John Wick is a bit different from the rest. He’s not nearly invincible, he doesn’t take the time to flex his inhumanly big muscles, and he’s certainly not a talker. Although he’s spoken more in previous “John Wick” movies, he’s never been one for long, drawn-out dialogue sequences or quick flashbacks. The most you get from him is a quote like “Yeah, I think I’m back” or the “Matrix” reminder he needs “Weapons, lots of weapons”, and that’s fine. Plus, honestly, the “John Wick” movies are action-oriented anyway.

There’s no doubt that the story behind the “John Wick” franchise is strong, and the lore has grown deeper and deeper. At the same time, when people buy a ticket for these features, they do so because they want to see the Baba Yaga ripping through low-level criminals and engaging in amazing fights with skilled assassins. After all, one of the hallmarks of the “John Wick” saga has been its use of gun-fu: a practical, cinematic fighting style that blends hand-to-hand combat with the strategic use of firearms. To put it simply, John Wick’s actions speak much louder than his words, so why waste time getting him to talk when that time could instead be spent on impactful actions?

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