Katy Perry says a spray tan turned out to be very expensive in her ‘teenage dream’ days

Katy Perry got a very expensive tan while shooting the video for “California Gurls” during her teenage dream time.

The 38-year-old pop titan reflected on some of his most iconic looks during a life in appearance segment with vogue. The first was the 2010 video from his incredibly successful era.

However, KatieHer look story was more about her tan than the outfit itself.

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“The funny story behind this is that I look super tanned here, no,” Katie asked. “I rarely get self-tanners, and usually you’re supposed to get them the night before. Well, I just didn’t have time. So, I got them on my music video day.

This is where the problem happened.

“When you tan in the morning of your music video, your color gradually changes throughout the day. So, I kept getting orange and orange and orange,” she said.

The beauty accident cost her team a lot of money: “We had to spend so much extra money to color this clip because in part of the video I’m this orange color and then I’m this orange color in the next part of the video clip.

Whoops ! His big takeaway? Don’t spray tan on the day of an important event.

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Watch Katy Perry talk about her iconic looks in the video below…

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