Kate Middleton’s yellow blazer says a lot about how far she’s come in the royal family, expert says


  • Kate Middleton visited the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust on May 16.
  • She wore a yellow blazer to the Mental Health Awareness Week event.
  • According to a body language expert, the yellow blazer allowed Kate Middleton “to reveal a little more of her personality”.
Kate Middleton wears a yellow blazer to visit the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and looks
Kate Middleton | Kin Cheung/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

A splash of color from Kate Middleton has shown how “confident” and “relaxed” she is during solo appearances, according to a body language expert. The Princess of Wales’ ‘different’ wardrobe choice at a May 16 event in the form of a yellow blazer and how it shows she has ‘really moved on’.

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