Karen Rodgers Got Hurt, Get The Ivermectin STAT!

On Monday night, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers went down after four plays with an Achilles injury. His season is over and possibly his career. Obviously, there are a lot of Jets fans out there who are disappointed. Surprisingly, one of the people most upset is Brent Terhune. Maybe Terhune became a fan when it came out that Rodgers “had done his own research” and was an anti-vaxxer and an acolyte of ivermectin. Who knows? But I hear the Jets are flying in Joe Rogan to personally rub in some ivermectin on the wound and they have an isolation yurt for Rodgers to use, so I’m sure he’ll be fine and back in no time.

Personally, as a lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers, I will admit that I was surprised but not shocked at the turn of events. I do thank the Jets for taking him off our hands, for all of his off-field antics, if nothing else. While I will admit that I wanted to see Rodgers bomb out, I never once thought about him living up to the Jets acronym – Just End The Season – so quickly.

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