Julia Fox bares it all in a daring outfit with transparent condom

Julia Fox recently launched another of its signature fits – a see-through outfit made out of condoms. The former dominatrix recently showed off several new cuts, including a clown-print dress and a red wig.

Fox established herself as a model before making her acting debut in the 2019 film “Uncut Gems” starring Adam Sandler. Since then, she has acted in films like “PVT Chat and “No Sudden Move”.

Earlier this year, Fox revealed in an interview that she was working on a memoir about her life and fame. She clarified that the book would be chronological and not focus on her relationships, like with Kanye West.

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Julia Fox wears a one-of-a-kind condom couture outfit

Julia Fox was recently spotted wearing one of her most outrageous outfits while out for a walk in Los Angeles. The actress wore a sheer tube top that consisted of condoms and matching accessories.

Fox’s racy outfit included the bandeau top, a very short miniskirt and high boots, all with condoms on them. The “Uncut Gems” actress accessorized her ensemble with a condom-covered tote bag, which she previously wore to New York Fashion Week in February.

Fox styled her bouncy brown hair in a simple ponytail, complete with her signature “Fox eye” look and thin, thin eyebrows. The TV personality also went without jewelry to emphasize her signature look.

Julia Fox in more iconic cuts

Later that day, Fox was spotted again at a Pride event in Los Angeles. This time, she wore a red wig adorned with feathers and a bright outfit with clown prints. She accessorized with another piece from her New York Fashion Week look, her furry white pumps.

Fox’s stunning outfits at her latest events come after she made a bold fashion statement during a meeting with Universal Studios earlier in the week. The actress wore a corset made up of several ties.

Julia Fox has settled in Hollywood

Julia Fox at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones - Arrivals

Fox began her career as a performer and model, and in 2019 she launched her film career with a role in the famous Sadie Brothers’ “Uncut Gems,” in which she starred alongside Adam Sandler. Her performance in the film was acclaimed and thrust her into the limelight afterwards.

Since her role in “Uncut Gems,” Fox has starred in the independent erotic film “PVT Chat” and the period thriller “No Sudden Move.” In Steven Soderbergh’s second film, she starred alongside stars like Benicio del Toro, Don Cheadle and Oscar-winning actor Brendan Fraser.

The actress also starred in “The Puppet,” directed and written by Chris and Adam Levett. Fox is now set to star in “The Trainer,” starring Bella Thorne, Taylor Paige, Gina Gershon and Paris Hilton.

She publishes a memoir about her life

Kanye West and Julia Fox seen in Paris

During an interview with She Earlier this year, Fox revealed she was working on a memoir about her life and her meteoric rise to fame. She said, “It’s not like a celebrity who just got a book deal and, like, a ghostwriter to write it, you know? Like, I’m on this life.

The actress then explained that her memoir would be a chronological account of her life but would not focus on her relationship. This means that the book would likely contain no factual information about his brief but widely discussed relationship with Kanye West, during which she was his muse.

Julia Fox at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, arrivals

During the interview, Fox was asked about West’s controversial anti-Semitic remarks and seemed sympathetic to the rapper’s issues. She said: “I feel so bad for everyone involved, to be honest. I feel bad for his family, his children. I feel bad for the Jewish people. Some of my Jewish friends are shaking right now, and this fucking king is breaking my heart. I really never would have seen him go that way.

Fox, which recently slammed the Met Gala for honoring late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, revealed it also plans to create its own fashion gala to rival the annual Met Ball, which it considers “classic”.

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