Judge Alito acts like a crybaby

Christian nationalist Justice Samuel Alito played the victim card, whining the wall street journal that no one comes to their defense after he helped overthrow Roe vs. Wade.

Alito is the ultimate snowflake.

The grievance policy is a proven right-wing method of hiding the truth, and Alito uses it proudly and often. Does he expect to be celebrated by all Americans after handing over control of a woman’s body to the Red States, dominated by old religious white men?

“Those of us who were believed to be in the majority, who approved of my draft opinion, were really the targets of assassination,” Judge Alito said. Dobbs by killing one of us.

Oh please.

Alito claimed to know who the lessor was but did not have enough evidence to say who. Maybe he looked in the mirror and smiled?

And then he took a page from Trump’s textbook and whined like a stuck pig.

Judge Alito says that “this type of concerted attack on the court and on individual judges” is “new in my lifetime. . . . We are hammered daily, and I think quite unfairly in many cases. And nobody, practically nobody, defends us.

The whole right-wing echo system has been defending and celebrating Alito and the court ever since Roe vs. Wade was overthrown. What more does he want?

Maybe he thinks women on the left should kiss his boots and thank him for his service?

In 2005, Jeralyn warned against Alito without even talking about abortion.

Jezebel lists the scandals plaguing the buckaroo supreme court.

Let’s briefly review some of the Supreme Court ethics scandals that have surfaced in the past two weeks: Clarence Thomas, whose wife Ginni tried to overturn a presidential election, is funded by a billionaire GOP megadonor who literally collects Hitler’s memorabilia and has a garden full of statues of dictators (oh, and that doesn’t charge Thomas’ mom’s rent). Neil Gorsuch, who leaks gifts as small as cowboy boots and a fishing rod, did not disclose that he sold a 40-acre property in Colorado that he co-owned to the CEO of a law firm that often pleads in court. And Insider reported on Friday that Chief Justice Thomas Roberts’ wife Jane received 10.3 million commissions from “elite law firms” who, of course, also had cases in court.

But on, he is the victim. If he’s so frustrated, he should just quit, because all the stress of his imaginary persecution is affecting his work performance.

It looks like we need to expand the court for these cases to move forward and be completed.

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