Jordan Peele is already releasing a new film?

Jordan Peele is undoubtedly one of the most surprising directors of recent years. In 2017, he shocked the world with a terrifying film about racism, Get Out. And after that, everyone started to see him as a new hope for the science fiction and horror genre in cinema.

His second film, Us, also disturbed many of his viewers with, again, a terrifying story and setting, and finally, he surprised everyone with his very first Alien film, Nope, a very ambitious film. and thrilling that has divided people a lot in the reviews. But if you haven’t had enough with his latest release, you won’t be waiting too long. Because Jordan Peele is already working on a new movie, guess what? It will be released on Christmas 2024, at the same time as Avatar 3.

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Jordan Peele already knows what the movie will be about

The director has two main talents, surprising us with new elements for each film and also being a master of teasing. Whenever we see a trailer for a Jordan Peele movie, we don’t know what the movie will be about; it’s always mysterious and impossible to tell how the story will begin or end. But one thing is certain, every time he announces a new project since the release of ‘Get Out’, it becomes an event for all viewers, and it has been amplified by the mystery surrounding his latest film, ‘Nope’. .

However, even if his last film was only released this summer, he is already being asked about his next projects or even his next feature film in theaters. And contrary to what journalists thought, he replied that he was already working on it. However, as usual, the mystery is still up since we haven’t learned anything serious about it. But he’s given us some exciting clues, making us think he’s finally found a universe he wants to work on more of.

We know that the tone will be the same as his other films, that is to say a comedy mixed with horror and absurdity. But another information, which is the most important for viewers, has come out, it is the release date of the film.

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Dropping at the same time as ‘Avatar 3’

Jordan Peele’s next film will be released precisely on Christmas, December 25, 2024, in the United States. And this simple information has already surprised the whole world because releasing a horror film at Christmas is not usual since it is the “month of the family” with films that are suitable for the whole family. Plus, the movie will be released at the same time as Avatar 3, which could make a huge box office at that time, so the risk Jordan Peels is taking is surprising.

Analysts even say doing this is almost “commercial suicide,” but there could be a reason why Jordan Peele wants to drop the film at this point. Instead, people started speculating about a horror movie with a Christmas theme included. But that’s not all; maybe Jordan Peels wants to drop his new project at this point because he’s confident about a goal he already achieved with ‘Get Out’ in 2017. Also, Jordan Peels might want to take away an Oscar of this new project.

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And for most people, that’s for sure, because releasing a film in December in the United States is rarely something trivial on the part of producers and distributors since a year-end distribution allows a film to be well on the way to the Oscars. Already awarded the Oscar for “best screenplay”, Jordan Peels could get another one in this category, or perhaps in another. But if that’s really what he’s calculated, we should prepare to see one of his best projects so far, without a doubt.

However, the film will be released in a year and a half, so we could wait to have the first visual or the first trailer. And knowing the director, we might not get any information before. Additionally, his production company, Monkeypaw Productions, announced that they will be directing an animated film this year. However, like Jordan Peele’s next film, we have yet to hear about this new project, nor the release date, or even the theme. But one thing is certain: it will be a surprise like all of Jordan Peele’s projects.

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