Jonathan Orren and Silvia Orren accused of abusing their daughter

Jonathan Niles Orren and Silvia Orren (Lincoln County Sheriff

Jonathan Niles Orren and Silvia Orren (Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office)

A 38-year-old man and his 39-year-old wife in North Carolina have been arrested after they were caught on camera repeatedly beating one of their young children with a large wooden paddle.

Jonathan Niles Orren and Silvia Orren were arrested on Thursday and each charged with one count of child abuse resulting in grievous bodily harm for the alleged abuse of the 6-year-old girl.

Authorities say the investigation into the Orrens began May 12, when detectives from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received a distressing report from the Cleveland County Department of Social Services regarding the alleged child abuse in a residence at Vale, about 45 miles to the northwest. of Charlotte.

According to a news release, the young child was undergoing speech therapy in Cleveland County when the therapist noticed cruising on the child’s bottom. A Cleveland County social worker visited the family’s residence and spoke with the parents.

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