Johnny Depp reveals where he’s been spending his time since the conclusion of his legal battle with Amber Heard

Johnny Depp hasn’t been seen much in Hollywood since ending his legal battle with his ex Amber Heard Last year. It’s because he’s settling on the other side of the pond.

The 59-year-old actor revealed he’s been spending a lot of time in Somerset, England in recent months.

He opened up about the quieter life he leads and what it’s like in the countryside in a new interview.

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Talk with Somerset life, Johnny explained that he had a home in Somerset.

“I love places that have character. I have several houses in different locations and they all mean something special to me. I don’t have them just to say I own them, I have them for use and because they’re kinda special,” he said of his various homes.

The actor has hinted that he loves the English countryside where he gets a bit more privacy from both fans and paparazzi.

“I can walk into stores without being surrounded by people who want selfies. It doesn’t bother me to a point, but sometimes it gets a little too crowded,” he said, adding that “the Brits are cool and will welcome you as if you’re a neighbor without giving a damn. too much.

Johnny hinted that a big part of the draw was that Somerset aligned with his personality.

“I like to go places, see things and meet people but I’m not the big extrovert that people think,” he explained. “I’m an actor and I try to give people what they expect, but in truth I’m quite a shy person and I like to walk around places and just enjoy being there. It’s one of the great things about Britain and in particular Somerset. I can just be me – and that’s fine.

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