Jessie J says grief can ‘swallow us whole’ 18 months after miscarriage

Jessie J has said grief can ‘swallow us whole’ 18 months after she suffered a miscarriage.

Jessie J said grief could 'swallow us whole' 18 months after miscarriage

Jessie J said grief could ‘swallow us whole’ 18 months after miscarriage

The ‘Price Tag’ singer, 35, who is set to have her first child with basketball player boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman, 39, lost a baby in November 2021 and has now posted on her Instagram that she “kisses” whoever is suffering.

Jessie said on Saturday (08.04.23) alongside a video of herself performing her song ‘Flashlight’ in a sheer black dress that showed off her baby bump: “Grieving is honestly a shitty, weird and very personal journey.

“It can come up and swallow us whole when you least expect it. It’s not something you can prepare or practice.

“It’s something that many of us have in common, but have to navigate in such unique ways and so often remain unspoken.

“Just something that lives below the surface or in a cloud in our minds. It can be so all-consuming and dark and lonely.

“I kiss you.”

In November, Jessie said in a post marking a year since she lost her baby: “Grieving is such a strange and personal journey.”

She added in the message: “A year ago today I was told that my baby had no heartbeat.

“Although I can tell the story now without crying, I have and am still discovering all the positives the experience gave me…it still hurts and all day I just thought about all of them. the women, men and families who have been through this many times and how incredibly strong they are.

Although Jessie didn’t directly mention her miscarriage in her final bereavement post, fans sent their best wishes to the singer, with some sharing their stories of how they lost children during their pregnancy.

Jessie surprised fans in January when she revealed she was 13 months pregnant after suffering a miscarriage and told fans she was battling morning sickness.

She also denounced people trying to advise her on how to deal with being a mom-to-be, saying the experience is unique for every woman.

Jessie said: “Commenting on pregnancy videos is a whole new experience… it’s very interesting to watch how women are with each other.

“Let me say this. Pregnancy is the most relevant yet UNIQUE journey. We all feel it, experience it and deal with it in our own way.

“Telling someone how they feel or what they should feel is just not the right way to do it.”

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