Jesse Watters: I’m Not Gay But Trump Looked ‘Hard’ In That Mugshot

In the weirdest cringeworthy moments, conservative pundits have been fawning over former President Donald Trump’s mugshot. The party of law and order now looks up to a man facing 91 charges like a 77-year-old rockstar. Fox News’s Jesse Watters took it to another level on Fox News’s The Five.

“I am now going to book the Fulton County photographer for my Christmas card,” Watters said. “Because judge, and I say this with an unblemished record of heterosexuality, he looks good. And he looks hard.”

Watters wasn’t the only one. This is just embarrassing from Dinesh D’Felon:

And Ben Shapiro thinks the mugshot was vindictive. Sorry, Ben, but if you commit a crime, you’re going to go through some things.

The ‘lock her up’ crowd is now feigning victimization. And I really wish I didn’t see Watters describe Trump as “hard.”

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