Jerry Nadler: Jim Jordan arms committee to do Trump auction

The ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee used his opening remarks during today’s hearing to criticize Chairman Jim Jordan for bringing the committee to Manhattan on a mission to protect Trump and smearing Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

“Thank you, Mr. President. Let me be very clear. We are here today in Lower Manhattan for one reason and one reason only,” Nadler said. “The president is bidding on Donald Trump.”

Rep. Nadler continued to tell truths to Republican lies.

Republicans on the committee designed this hearing to intimidate and deter Manhattan’s duly elected district attorney from doing the job his constituents elected him to do.

They have requested access to the inner workings of an ongoing criminal case, information to which they know they are not entitled.

They subpoenaed a witness who worked for the district attorney who they know cannot answer their questions, and they won a case that risks future congressional scrutiny as a result.

They perpetuated the anti-Semitic and racist tropes that Mr. Trump directed at both the prosecutor and the judge in this case.

They are using their public office and the resources of this committee to protect their political boss Donald Trump.

This is an outrageous abuse of power.

It is, to use the president’s favorite term, a weaponization of the House Judiciary Committee.

I don’t know if Mr. Trump will be found guilty.

I don’t know.

I don’t know if Mr. Trump will be found guilty by a jury of his peers here in New York or, for that matter, in Georgia or Washington, D.C. on any charges that may follow, but I do know he will have his day in court.

Using this committee to undermine this process as it unfolds is cynical, unethical, and, given the violence unleashed on Capitol Hill by the former president, downright dangerous.

At Nadler’s point, President Jordan arms the federal government via the House Judiciary to attack an elected official in Manhattan to defend and protect his ally, Trump.

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