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Jennifer Lopez talks about the training she underwent for her last role in netflixIt is The mother.

In a new video shared by Netflix on Twitter this week, the 53-year-old actress revealed that she had undergone special training in knife fighting, hand-to-hand combat and sniper training, and added that only her dance training helped her with all three. .

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“Being a dancer really helps you when it comes to learning the steps of things. Even in fights, it’s like learning a technique of a new type of dance,” Jennifer shared in the shared featurette for the film.

She added that “to look like you know how you do it, you have to really master the positions and body movements.”

As for the knife fight, Jennifer revealed that she started with a dummy knife.

“You don’t want to mess with something that isn’t that,” she says. “Of course, when we do the actual fighting, we don’t use a real knife either.”

“It was actually a lot of fun, once you got in there,” Jennifer added. “It’s still exhausting. It takes a lot of adrenaline. »

Recently, Jennifer open to a possible sequel to the film.

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