Jennifer and Danielle Pamula charged with the murder of their father

Jennifer Pamula, left, and Danielle Pamula, right, are twin sisters charged with murdering their father with large pruning shears. (Screenshot via WPRI)

Twin sisters in Rhode Island killed their 70-year-old father with a pair of garden shears during an argument earlier this year, authorities say.

Jennifer Pamula, 38, from the mid-sized town of Woonsocket, was arrested last Thursday; his sister, Danielle Pamula, 38, was arrested last Friday. They are each charged with one count of domestic murder following the late January death of Joseph Pamula, according to Providence, Rhode Island-based NBC affiliate WJAR.

“It was definitely, it was a violent death, that our officers immediately, when they responded to the scene, knew they were dealing with what was going to be a homicide,” the police chief said. of Woonsocket, Thomas Oates, in comments reported by television. station.

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