Jen Selter falls in the pool in her green string bikini!

Model Jen Selter is known for looking graceful when she pulls off complex yoga poses, but even she slips up from time to time!

The 29-year-old fitness model was trying to pose for a steamy photo by the pool with her fresh tan when she took a fall and slipped straight into the pool! At least she didn’t fall head first!

Jen Selter tumbles in the pool in her green bikini!

In another Instagram post, set to Creed’s original “Push Up” mix, Jen trips and falls into a swimming pool as she walks along the edge. Text on the video reads “Wait for it” as Jen slowly makes her way to the pool. As she adjusts her bikini top and gestures to push her hair away from her face, she suddenly loses her balance and creates quite a splash as she falls into the pool, still managing to stay upright.

In the caption, Jen explained that she was just trying to do a quick light and angle test, adding that she had just tanned, done her hair and the pool was pretty dirty, so she was trying to don’t get wet! Even though Jen looks calm in most of her videos, many fans agreed that she needed to share more goofs!

Fans want to see more of Jen’s hilarious bloopers!

Jen Selter falls into the pool in her green bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

“We need more of that… bloopers!” a fan commented. “I have to keep an eye on the ball. Oops,” another follower wrote. “Always like watching your hilarious music videos, Jen!” a third fan chimed in. “It’s just that Jen is herself,” another follower teased. “But you make even falling in it look beautiful,” added another fan.

“Even angels are wrong sometimes,” joked another follower. “I would save her,” another fan commented. “Who else watched this 100 times?” asked another follower. “Love this view,” added another fan. “And that’s why not everything you see on Instagram is real,” another follower wrote as fans showered her post with laughing face emojis.

Jen Selter wants to go back to Aspen!

In another recent Instagram post, Jen shared two photos and a two-second clip that featured her posing on a bike in Aspen. She wears a long-sleeved green crop top and high-waisted green leggings that are tucked into her black snow boots as she poses against the snowy mountains.

In the caption, Jen wrote, “Take me back to Asssspen” along with a snowflake emoji, a sledding emoji, and a snowflake emoji. Fans had various reactions to her latest post, with some commenting on the size of her caboose!

Jen Selter flaunts a rear view in her skintight leggings!

Jen Selter wants to return to Aspen
Instagram | Jen Selter

“That’s a huge chest,” one fan commented. “Queen,” wrote another follower. “This thing is huge! What was the top speed? asked a third fan, but Jen didn’t respond. “Accompany me? asked another follower. “That’s what he said,” another fan joked. “You’re not cold ?” asked another follower.

“Assspen is right,” another fan teased. “How beautiful you are Jen,” ​​wrote another follower. “I wish I was there. Have fun and have a great blessed day,” another fan shared. “Amazing. Stunning view,” another follower said. “Absolutely gorgeous woman,” agreed another fan. “What a hottie,” wrote another follower.

Jen shows off her toned abs on the snow-capped mountains of Aspen!

Jen Selter wants to return to Aspen
Instagram | Jen Selter

“You look so gorgeous in your pic,” another fan shared. “Lol, Asspen haha ​​good! This is a perfect place for you,” wrote another follower. “So beautiful,” added another fan. “Take me with you! I love Asspen,” another follower teased. “Y’all got loot,” another fan wrote.

“I see what you did there,” another follower shared. “Surprised you didn’t melt the snow!!” exclaimed another fan. “Wow these views are spectacular,” another follower wrote. “Awesome and beautiful,” another fan shared. Besides gushing about the “incredible views,” most of her followers covered her post in peachy emojis!

Fans simply can’t get enough of fitness influencer Jen Selter!

Jen Selter on the slopes in Aspen
Instagram | Jen Selter

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