Jayne Zirkle: Pras Michel Trial Reveals CCP’s Intent to Infiltrate US Government and Extradite Miles Guo

Jayne Zirkle reporter for Steve Bannon’s War Room joins Steve Bannon to discuss the trial of former musical artist Pras Michel whose political lobbying scheme with the man behind the 1MDB financial scam, Jho Low, has implicated numerous Party officials Chinese Communist and US government working to extradite Miles Guo, a prominent anti-CCP activist who was recently arrested. One official who recently testified is George Higginbotham, a DOJ official who received $41 million after visiting the Chinese Embassy where he conspired to extradite Miles Guo. Higginbotham and other co-conspirators have already been prosecuted for their crimes, but the CCP’s role in the scheme has been downplayed in the case and by the media.

Guest social media: @JayneZirkle

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