Jared Told Blue That His Mother Is in the Game

CBS’s Big Brother Season 25 Week 4 shows shocking developments between cast members. Jared Fields and Blue Kim started a showmance early in the season, and Jared hopes to save Blue in week 4. Jared also spilled vital information to Blue. He told Blue that his mother is also playing the game — but Blue still hasn’t connected that Jared’s mother is Survivor legend Cirie Fields.

[Spoiler alert: Big Brother Season 25 spoilers ahead regarding week 4.]

‘Big Brother’ Season 25 spoilers: Jared Fields told Blue Kim that his mother was also playing the game

Big Brother Season 25 spoilers from week 4 indicate there’s trouble ahead for Blue Kim. Blue and Jag Bains were nominated for eviction this week. While the house initially seemed like they hoped to evict Jag, they could quickly turn on Blue. And Blue happens to be one of Jared Fields’ closest allies.

Jared currently plays with his mom, Cirie Fields — but only a select few players know that Jared and Cirie are related. Fans watching the live feeds during week 4 noticed Jared and Blue’s showmance heating up. And Jared might’ve made a critical error by revealing to Blue that his mother was currently in the game. Luckily for Jared, Blue thinks Felicia Cannon is Jared’s mother, not Cirie.

“I desperately need Blue to pull Felicia aside and tell her that Jared told her that she’s his mom,” a fan on Reddit wrote. “Her reaction could end up being one of the funniest moments in BB history, lol.”

“He ruins his chances for getting possibly over $750,000 for himself and his mom all for Blue who he will break up with after a week outside the house!?!” another fan on Reddit questioned.

“Blue just launched into a big power position,” yet another fan wrote. “There are only two women in the house who could be your mom man, and they’re working together, lol. It doesn’t matter who Blue thinks it is.”

While Blue could use this information (or false information) against Jared, it doesn’t look like she plans to make any significant moves against him or his alliances. Blue and Jared have become quite close and developed romantic feelings for each other. Conversations between them revealed that they plan on continuing their relationship after the show.

Cirie Fields wants Blue Kim to face eviction in week 4

Big Brother Season 25 spoilers note Blue Kim could face eviction in week 4. Cirie Fields is hoping to get Blue out of the house — and she wants her son, Jared Fields, to help pull it off. But Jared resists the plan, wanting to continue his showmance with Blue.

The week 4 live feeds revealed Cirie and Jared’s conversation about Blue. Cirie told Jared to vote to evict Blue, and Cirie swore to her son that Blue would never know it was Jared who voted against her. “It could be Cory, America, Matt. They’re not gonna know who did it, and that’s gonna put distrust in Red and them,” Cirie explained. “I need this one. You gotta trust me on this one.”

Jared resists Cirie’s pleas, so it seems unlikely that he’ll send Blue home. Fans will see who’s evicted next on Thursday, Aug. 31, 2023.

Big Brother Season 25 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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