It’s time to buy you flowers. here’s why

Fresh flowers are not only good for the soul, they are also scientifically proven to improve certain health outcomes. “Quiet environments can relieve everyday stress,” according to researchers at the University of Bradford. “The presence of vegetation and wildlife has been shown to be an important factor contributing to tranquility,” they found, citing that the visuals you would see in nature – for example, flowers – have effects positive on people’s ability to relax.

Flowers were specifically discovered to induce positive emotions. A study by Rutgers suggested that our long cultural history of presenting flowers as gifts, associating them with nearby food, or a special quality that made flowers natural mood enhancers for humans might be responsible for the significant mood boost we get from surrounding ourselves with fresh petals. .

But it doesn’t stop at your emotional well-being. Having flowers in patient rooms has been linked to more positive recoveries after major surgeries. One study looked at how patients recovering from appendix surgery fared when they had flowers in their hospital room compared to when they didn’t. Patients with flowers needed less postoperative pain medication and “more positive physiological responses” in addition to better mood. While we don’t know exactly why stopping and smelling roses is so beneficial to our health, being surrounded by fresh flowers can soothe your mind and body.

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